Frequently Asked Questions

For Employers

What are the benefits of being self-funded?

Self-funded employers don’t “pre-pay” fixed insurance premiums. They pay for health services as they are incurred. They can manage cash flow and risk uniquely based on the needs of their organization.

You can learn more about being self-funded by visiting the Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc website:

What is EPO?

EPO stands for Exclusive Provider Organization. Signature Care EPO employers will receive their best benefit when their employees use the 22 EPO hospitals.

For Agents

What products are offered by Parkview Signature Care?

A number of products designed to lower healthcare costs are offered by Signature Care.

Are employers required to use your utilization review?

While employers are encouraged to use our URAC-accredited utilization review, it is not required.

What is EPO?

EPO stands for Exclusive Provider Organization, and involves a three tiered plan design. Parkview Signature Care EPO employers will receive their best benefit when their employees use the 22 EPO Hospitals.

For Third Party Administrators

Who do I contact to request a disruption or mapping report?

Our Business Development team can produce a multitude of reports. Please call 260-373-9072 to request that information.

Who do I contact regarding electronic claims filing?

Please contact our Information Systems department at 260-373-9094.

To what address should we send access fee payments?

Please send those payments to:

Signature Care
PO Box 5548
Fort Wayne, IN  46895
Attention: Finance

Which logo(s) should we place on the ID card?

Logos are selected according the product combinations of each employer. You can view our logo grid to determine which logo is appropriate.


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